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Mind Media Inc. ~ People

Sasha Bacanin.   Mind Media Inc’s founder, marketing strategist and innovator-at-large.   He helps companies unlock new opportunities for their brands.     He holds an anthropologist’s eye to lateral marketing solutions, an intuitive grasp of consumerism, and an entrepreneurial mind set to business judgement.

Mind Media Inc. was founded on the belief that digital video offers a unique and compelling opportunity for brands to position themselves and appeal directly to their target markets mind.    We strongly believe that marketing really is the battle for your mind and that positioning and differentiation are the only ways to ensure continued sustainable business growth.

With continued exponential sales of smart phones, tablets and televisions turning into giant smart televisions, digital videos will only grow in popularity and continue to become the best form of communication available and simplest way reach market users.    Mind Media’s goal is to help businesses grow their business proposition with the power of engaging effective digital web videos which are different than traditional videos.

Mind Media Inc. is digital web video + brand positioning.

Mind Media Inc. was founded in 2012 to help brands add value to new potential opportunities.

Sasha’s mentors include, but to name a few; Rosser Reeves, Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, and Jack Trout.   These are legends in marketing strategy and visionaries that have defined this industry.


Other team members that contribute to all our projects include;

Creative Directors

Digital Planners

Copy Writers

Art Directors

Marketing Research Assistants


Account Directors